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Marine coatings have traditionally been the core business of Hempel, and Hempel has - since the establishment of the company in 1915 - grown to become one of the most extensive supply networks in the marine market, servicing marine customers with uniform products of the same high quality all around the world.

Hempel's extensive range of marine coatings offers protection for all areas on all types of vessels, at the newbuilding stage and for later maintenance - both onboard and when in drydock. The assortment includes antifoulings, coatings for ballast tanks, cargo holds and cargo tanks, superstructure, decks and engine rooms. Furthermore, newbuilding yards all over the world use Hempel's shopprimers to optimise production flow.

As a Hempel Paint distributor we stock a basic range of products to meet our customers needs.
Products readily available include the following:

Hempadur Epoxy, Hempathane and Hempalin Finishes, and Olympic 76600 A/F.    

International Paint, part of Akzo Nobel is the world's largest paint manufacturer and a world leader in product development.  With 17 manufacturing plants, operations in 54 countries, and more than 500 distribution points worldwide, International has the product solution to meet your


As an International Paint distributor we stock a diverse range of products to meet our customers needs.  Products readily available include the following: 

The RIGHT Coatings Solution For YOUR Industry

Marine Coatings


  • Intershield 300V - Aluminum Flake filled epoxy providing, excellent abrasion resistance and long term anti-corrosive protection.
  • Intergard 264 -  Surface tolerant epoxy with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Intertuf 262  - Surface tolerant primer for use from Keel to Rail.
  • Intergard 740 - A two pack epoxy finish coat.
  • Interline 925 - Solvent free, pure epoxy for use in Potable Water tanks and other wet spaces.
  • Intergard 268 - A fast drying holding primer or Tie-coat.
  • Interbond 600 - A surface tolerant, solvent free clear epoxy sealer.
  • Intergard 631 - A two pack epoxy non-skid deck coating.
  • Interprime 198 - A quick drying one-pack primer.


  • Interlac 665 - A single pack alkyd finish.
  • Interthane 990 - A two pack acrylic polyurethane providing excellent durability.
  • Intergard 740 - A two pack epoxy finish.
  • Interfine 979 - A polysiloxane finish.


  • Interspeed 6200 - An ecomonomical antifouling for in-service periods of 24 months.
  • Interspeed 6400NA - A TBT free ablative a/f for in-service periods up to 36 months.
  • Interspeed 640 - A high performance TBT free a/f for extended in-service periords.
  • Interspeed 5640 - A Metal-Free ablative antifouling.   


  • Interzinc 75V - A two pack zinc-rich epoxy primer.
  • Interzinc 22HS - A two pack inorganic zinc-rich silicate.  Contains 82% zinc in the dry film.
  • Interplate 937 - A two pack, heat resistant (up to 1472°F) zinc-silicate shop primer.